Clubhouse Reservation Agreement

All owners should be aware of their owner association fees or special assessments. If the fee is not up to date, the owner does not have a club rent. Applications must be made at least 2 weeks before the date to ensure availability. It goes without saying that the occupier accepts all the agreements mentioned above and that by sending him this form, he intends to make himself legally responsible for the rental of this clubhouse. You must write two separate cheques for the resrvation: a cheque for the clubhouse itself ($50) and a check for the security and cleaning deposit ($100), both made at the Valley Green Village West Recreation Association or VVG. The full deposit is expected if you receive the keys to the clubhouse and you have returned at the time of the key change, as the clubhouse has been cleaned and all cleaning requirements have been met within three (3) days after use. If the clubhouse is not in satisfactory condition, a room or All security is retained for payment from the cleaning company. If the cleaning bill exceeds the $100 down payment, the difference will be charged by PMI. Keys must be returned to the PPL representative or another board member within 3 days of the event, or the $100 guarantee will NOT be returned. A rent of 50 USD is charged for the use of the clubhouse.

(Please check the online calendar under the “News” tab to see if your date is available. For the different requirements submitted for back-to-back data, this depends on the willingness of the first event to meet the second requirement, which leaves enough time for implementation and cleaning.) Once you submit a request, it is temporarily booked as pending. The fee is expected when the contract is signed to guarantee the booking of the date. You will be advised to submit your deposit immediately if someone else requests the same date. Otherwise, your temporary booking will be cancelled so that the other resident can make a down payment. Fees are not refundable if your event is cancelled within 30 days of your event.