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Neben einem umfangreichen Tutorial zum Erlernen der Bedienung stehen außerdem zwei Steuerungs-Modi für die Fahrzeuge zur Verfügung – so können Anfänger und Profis gleichermaßen den Bau-Simulator 2015 genießen. Unerfahrene Spieler wählen den abgespeckten Kontroll-Modus, Profis den entsprechenden fortgeschrittenen, der sogar Multi-Joystick-Steuerung unterstützt. In dem Bau-Simulator 2015 Download werden verkappte Bauherren gesucht. Wer schon immer mal vom ersten Stein bis zum Dachstuhl ein Gebäude hochziehen wollte, bekommt in dieser Simulation die Chance. Originalgetreue Maschinen von LIEBHERR, MAN und STILL mit einer äußerst realistischen Steuerung sorgen für Authentizität. Außerdem warten über 150 Baustellen und 200 Teilaufgaben auf einen tüchtigen Bauleiter. Construction Simulator 2015 requires at least 4 GB RAM in order to run properly. For technical reasons, 32-bit operating systems can only make use of 3 GB RAM and can only allocate 2 GB to a single program. However, it is possible to use a special Windows tool called 3 GB Switch to bypass this problem. If the game detects that you are running a 32-bit system and not already using this tool (integrated into Windows), then it will automatically be activated during the main game installation.

We strongly recommend that you activate this program; otherwise, the game will not be allocated enough RAM to run! Please notice, that you need administration rights for activation of “3GB Switch”! You need to restart the system after activating the tool. The map shows your current position as well as an overview of the entire game world with all of the important places marked. You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out at any time. By clicking and holding the right mouse button, you can freely scroll the map selection. If you click on a point with the left mouse button, the navigation system will automatically display the shortest route to that point and mark it on the map. The route will also be shown on the small map selection in the main window, which should make navigation considerably simplify navigation. for having fun with my brother ahmed and my sister so thank you for downloading the game and i realy wich a good luck thats all what i get to say The best thing about construction simulator is building and knocking down stuff and digging deep holes while buying cars and driving them around the city Construction Simulator. A nice game and very realystick simulator. If it isn`t demo version you ca build very much buldings like garage or even a creane, but if it`s demo you can build only a garage. At these versions you ca go into a place that you can try out evry construction vechicle you want. Pros: Nice graficksRealistick fisicks Cons: It is demoMore Der Bau-Simulator 2015 ist ein neuer Kandidat für unsere Sammlung kurioser Simulatoren, bei dem sich Spieler ans Steuer vieler verschiedener Baufahrzeuge setzen dürfen. This tool enables a 32-bit Windows system to use more than 3 GB RAM and thus allocate enough RAM to the game.

You should make sure that the RAM is not used up by too many unnecessary tasks, as this can cause the game to run extremely slowly. We therefore recommend that you play Construction Simulator 2015 in full-screen mode only.